LMAB La Moustique Spinning Rods

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LMAB La Moustique Spinning Rods are the new Ultra Light rod series from LMAB constructed with the most modern materials and components, ideal for all perch and trout anglers.  The specially selected components resulted in a true lightweight, which retains the upper hand even with fighting fish.  The extremely light, highly modular, two-part 24T blank made of full carbon, in conjunction with the 8 stainless steel rod rings with ceramic inlays to ensure a super-fast action and excellent bite detection.  The rod also offers a robust backbone.  The "Mosquito" prefers to sting after perch and trout, the rated 1-7g and the 2-10g are equipped with a solid tip. Thanks to the sensitive tip, the fish have less resistance when picking up the bait, which leads to fewer missed bites, allowing the angler to feel every tiny bump or movement in the lure.

The Ultralight Split Grip of The LMAB La Moustique is made of high-quality EVA material for even finer bite detection and ensures an optimal lever for every cast. The three front rings have been specially installed with conspicuously bright yellow whipping to enable optimum bite detection even in complete darkness.

LMAB have used the finest EVA material for the "#LMAB La Moustique" 'Mosquito' rod series.  

The Super Ultra Light to Medium weighted spinning rods and yet powerful two-part 24T full carbon blank with its sensitive tip action is a source of enthusiasm among lure anglers and hardbait freaks alike.  


#LMAB La Moustique Spinning Rods are available in 9 models;

133506 - LM-S 198UL - 198cm (6ft 5in) - Rating of Ultra Light - Power 1-7g - Tip Action - Weight 78g 

133513 - LM-S 198L - 198cm (6ft 5in) - Rating of Light - Power 4-14g -  Tip Action - Weight 82g 

133520 - LM-S 198ML - 198cm (6ft 5in) - Rating of Medium Light - Power 2-10g - Tip Action - Weight 85g