LMAB Drunk Bait 16cm

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LMAB Drunk Baits 16cm have developed a soft lure that has an action that can only be described "drunk effect" has been created by a very thin connection to a relatively large round paddle tail, which sends strong pressure waves at high frequency as a bite stimulus to predatory fish. The larger Drunk Bait in 16cm version is ideal for catching Pike, Musky, Walleye and many salt-water species

Finally, after 2 years of intensive testing, baby Drunk Baits have finally found their parents.  As the bait is designed to catch larger fish, the connection to the paddle tail has been designed much sturdier to withstand very powerful bites.  Additionally the updated tail design ensures maximum compressional waves are produced and as the bait flanks intensively from side to side.

  • Slim body Large Round Paddle Tail - Strong Pressure Waves
  • “Drunk” action - Staggering action
  • Pectoral Fin - Micro Vibrations for Extra Attraction
  • Bright UV colours
  • Perfect for Fresh & Saltwater Applications
  • Ideal for perch, zander and pike
  • Mount with a 6/0 Hook
  • Large Mouth to embed the Jig Head
  • Heavy scented with LMAB Seafood MMO
  • 4 Lures per pack 
  • TBCg in weight

#LMAB is German engineering at its best…The Perfect Victim...In Stock Now!!!