Quantum 4Street B-Ass Shad

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Quantum 4Street B-Ass Shad Made from Japanese eco-friendly material, these rubber shads are ideal for all types of lure fishing as they create a great bait run at slower speeds. Even smallest movements on your rod tip make this lure move so tantalizingly. This soft bait has a slim body shape to help with movement in the water and to truly imitate smaller baitfish. Quantum has also added salt and attractant to enhance the appeal for near-by Predators. This Quantum 4street B-Ass shad lures come in a great range of colour options. Choose from Flashy Silver, Firetiger, Ghost, Green Pumpkin Chartreuse, Pink Lady, Whity, Golden Ice, Arkansas Shine Redhead and Lime. There are 2 lengths available 3.6 inch (9.15 cm) and 2.4 inch (6.1 cm).